Lead Time and Lag Time – PMP Exam Tips

by Varinder Parihar on May 1, 2013

Many PMP aspirants are confused about two terms – Lead Time and Lag Time.These two terms – leads and lags are used to identify and control the timing of various activities within the project.

Lead Time: Let’s assume a project has two pieces that need to be completed at the


PMP and PRINCE2: Which one is ideal for you?

by Varinder Parihar on January 7, 2013

PMP and PRINCE2 are two of the top-most and demanded project management certification recognized worldwide. Every project manager before pursuing a PMP certification or a PRINCE2 certification weighs both the credentials and chooses the ideal one for them. Let’s have a look at the differences between PMP certification and


If you are working toward a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, you may have wondered “What is the difference between Contact Hours and Professional Development Units (PDUs)?” Almost everyone who prepares for The PMP Exam confuses the two terms “Contact Hours” and “Professional Development Units (PDUs)”. Here is the

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